Popular Nigerian-Canadian Celebrity Sandra Idubor Releases New Single, Grateful (Ekponmwen)

If there’s one thing the music industry is known for, it is the fact that good news can arrive at any time. No one can predict what artistes are cooking up while their fans go about their daily activities. We only find out about what has been keeping them up late at night when they announce to the world their forthcoming projects. Sometimes they don’t give us any forewarning and drop it on our laps unawares.
The Nigerian-Canadian celebrity Sandra Idubor let the cat out of the bag that she will be dropping a single titled Grateful (Ekponmwen) in soon. The highly anticipated single is set to be released on the 14th of February 2021.
 As expected, fans of the celebrity were thrilled when the news reached their ears. And many of them have taken to their social media pages to express that they look forward to the single.
It is not surprising that Sandra Idubor’s fans are this excited. This is because they believe that she won’t disappoint them and that whatever song she is releasing is bound to thrill their ears and make them put on their dancing shoes. This is no empty boast. Her songs certainly have that effect on people.
Besides being a talented actress and brilliant Talk Show host, Sandra is a maverick when it comes to music. Her musical career which began almost two decades ago is filled with a lot of success stories. She has been nominated and has won a number of music awards in the past.
The gorgeous songstress is known internationally for her sonorous voice. Her amazing voice is the reason why she has performed at several events and concerts in Nigeria and North America. Her music compositions are one of a kind. This is why she is one of the A-list Nigerian music artistes.
 She is the brain behind the hit singles, Osamagbe, Osamafiyekegbemwen, Ise, Osalobua Itutie, Ekuase and Odiro. These songs have been streamed by many of her fans globally and they have topped many local music charts for weeks.
Having dropped her last single, Osamagbe, eight months ago, it is expected that this single Grateful will surpass her previous works. Many music pundits have predicted that the song is bound to become an anthem among people who love traditional, gospel, and inspirational music.
Whatever spirit influenced Sandra’s decision to drop the single on Valentine’s day (Feb 14th) should be commended. This is because she couldn’t have chosen a much better time to release a wonderful song. Lovers across the world are bound to be entertained and inspired by Sandra’s song. Grateful will surely go down in history as one of the greatest songs to be released on Valentine.
Enough of all the spoilers. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to the 14th of February when we will finally get a chance to have a taste of Sandra’s creative juice. Let’s prepare to stream the song which will be available on all major music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Nuuday, Napster, Shazam, and YT Music.
It wouldn’t be out of place to say that our minds are bound to be blown away when Grateful is finally released. Because Sandra Idubor always delivers.

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