Prepared by: Mr. Innocent Michael

Prepared for: Radio Station Owners


Hello, my name is Innocent Michael. I am the Managing Director Of District FM. I have been appointed by the District Television Broadcasting Network to be your guide in this short journey. Even though you can't see me, just imagine that you can hear my voice and I'm seated right beside you. It will make this experience more fun. Let's get started...


It is often said that a man without a pre-determined destination or vision is bound to fail in life. Which is why I would like to spell out the purpose of this document, right now. It's quite simple. I want to sell the brand District FM to you. That's just the basic idea. As a brand, District FM believes in the maxim that: "Two Good Heads Are Better Than One." This mindset is the reason why this proposal was sent to you in the first place. District FM is very big on collaboration. We believe that Collaboration > Competition. As experienced media professionals, we are not just concerned about earning revenue and staying in business; instead, we are much interested in making impacts in the media industry. This desire has prompted us to ask you to partner with Us. Figuratively speaking, we are asking for your hand in marriage. However, as good suitors (intending business partners), we would like to introduce ourselves to you better. It is only fair that you know more about the brand you will be collaborating with.


Every good brand has a story. We are no different. This story simple means: The Who and Why of the brand. Check out our story in a couple of paragraphs below:

Who We Are

We are District FM - The Home Of Gbedu Music. Or better still, you can call us the Palace Of Quality Entertainment. District FM is an online radio station based in Lagos, Nigeria that airs its contents to thousands of listeners every day. Thanks to that fact that we are an online radio channel, we are not limited by geographical location and our content can be accessed by people of diverse race across the world. We are a team of experienced media personalities who are committed to the mission of providing our audience with the best form of entertainment through the radio waves.


As a brand, we are constantly driving on the path that leads to the destination – Africa’s Biggest Music Radio Station. This mission has forced us to dish out trendy music songs to our listeners 24/7. Our station is known for always playing entertaining music from all genres. We ensure that our audience’s music needs are satisfied whenever they tune in to our channel. In line with our entertainment mandate, we air interesting music shows and other lifestyle-based shows every week.

We haven’t hamstrung ourselves to entertainment alone and still broadcast news (local & international) and other educative shows on a daily basis.


At this junction, I’m of the belief that you are already interested in working with us. The energy is mutual (i.e we feel the same way). District FM is proposing a collaborative agreement where your brand will become a member of our family. The idea is to join hands together so as to give the world quality entertainment.

Here’s why you should take this decision:

  • Your brand will get a radio streaming server
    Server Type: Icecast or SHOUTcast preferred
    Bit Rate: 32kbps – 320kbps
    Audio Format: mp3
    Listeners: 50 – 10000 scalable
    Port 80 proxy: ENABLED
    Port 443 (HTTPS) proxy: ENABLED
    Streaming (Facebook, YouTube, and VK): ENABLED For Free.
  • Your brand will keep the full amount of profits generated from their own ads (we are not collecting a dime).



We also get 5 advertising slot to run ads on your station for free because Since you aren’t sharing the profits of your station(ads and commercials) with us, we won’t be sharing ads we place on your station this will enable us to generate money to maintain our servers. I believe that’s Fair!

In case, you are amazed at why we are initiating this kind gesture, just go back to our “Pain Point.”

Interested in becoming a member of the District FM family? I would suggest you take action now by setting up a phone meeting so that we can move to the next phase of the journey. We are waiting for you.

Thanks for reading till this point.

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