Toxic Thursdays

Presented by Anthony

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Every Thursday 2:00 pm trending_flat 4:00 pm

Toxic Thursdays – Music that puts the audience in a particular mood.

It is a show that detoxifies the listeners from every negative emotion. As they say “a problem shared is a
problem half solved” but Toxic T says “don’t bottle it in instead pour it out” in the sense that doesn’t forget
to empty out your negative emotion tank or will you explode and no one wants to see that. So express your
negative self out by tuning in to District Fm on TOXIC THURSDAYS. WIkilogy

Toxic Thursdays crew

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Anthony Chinedu Uka-Kalu

Anthony Chinedu Uka-Kalu Also Know as Flaming Max is a Graphic Designer/3D Modelling/Animator/DJ Easy going guy and weird he holds a Degree of Science in Micro Biology At Caleb University Imota, Lagos He enjoys strolls, comedy, anime, and adventures of life. He is a youth who has a great purpose that drives his creativity. He loves the colors red, yellow, and black. He loves learning new things

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